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Septic Services

Clear Septic Solutions provides personalized services. We provide septic inspections, diagnosis, repairs, effluent filter cleaning services, locates for drain fields and/or tanks, scoping (Camera), tank replacements, new septic systems and more. We can also get your septic system pumped for routine maintenance or home sale. Also we are happy to provide your annual monitoring and maintenance inspections whether they be once or twice yearly.   

Specializing in home sale septic inspections and pumping for sellers and thorough inspections of complete septic systems for home buyers. We can even take care of the county home sale paperwork making the process appear to be seamless, reducing stress on the home sellers and Real Estate Brokers alike!

Serving the entire Kitsap Peninsula, including Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula

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Septic Inspections

We have the knowledge & expertise you need to maintain your septic systems.


Let us take care of your annual monitoring and maintenance(O&M) agreement. We perform a thorough inspection of your system and provide recommendations for continued trouble free use of your septic system. Plus, as an agreement holder,  you will receive one free alarm call per year that covers the diagnosis of why the alarm is sounding, if need be. 

We are a member of WOSSA and are a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor with certifications in both Kitsap and Pierce Counties, including Operation and Maintenance Specialist. So call 360-698-9400 or email at Making sure your system is properly maintained is important to us!


Also for real estate professionals, we can take care of home sale inspection, pumping, scoping and filing paperwork with the county. All is taken care of for you and your client, because there are already enough details to deal with in a short period of time.

Septic Inspections

Septic Repair and Emergency Services

EMERGENCY? Call/text 360-698-9400 or email and we will get someone there at our earliest availability. We'd love to say 24/7 but that just isn't a reality. However, we can usually get there the same day or following morning. Sometimes a hotel is cheaper than an emergency call fee!

Did you know that we can diagnose/repair most problems without pumping? Put your money toward solving the problem and not having it "sucked away" before your eyes! For back up issues & definitely before you call for pumping, Call/text 360-698-9400 or email and we will get someone there at our earliest availability.

Septic Repair and Emergency Services

Installation Services

Minor Repairs

Minor repair consists of baffle replacement, installing risers to grade, D-box replacement, up to 15' of damaged drainfield repaired, hydro-jetting of drainfield, septic tank crack repair and more.

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Larger Component Replacements/Additions

Replacement or addition of new septic tank or pump tank, Aerobic Treatment Device or adding onto existing drainfield.

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Complete Installation Services

Installation of new septic systems due to existing system failing or developing new sites.

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